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Sister Duo Prepare for the National Stage

The Cairns based Muckalt sisters, Isabella and Emily, are preparing for the 16 and Under Girls National Aged Club Championships in Hobart next week (1-6 October). The girls will represent Queensland Country in the tournament which will draw the nations top talent to the island state for a week of action packed water polo.

Isabella made waves on the regional scene by representing Cairns in women's open age team in the state titles this past February and younger sister, Emily, has followed her siblings lead and has improved in leaps and bounds in recent months.

The pair's father, Adam, says " The girls have been swimming since before they could walk. Their other sport was always netball, and so they were naturally attracted to water polo which combines the stamina required in swimming with the team coordination and ball skills from netball. Isabella and Emily first started playing in Canberra in 2014. Emily saw a water polo sign outside swimming one day and went to a tryout - Isabella quickly followed and they were immediately hooked".

Excitement is building from the dynamic duo, "I think this is an awesome opportunity. It feels great to represent Cairns and Queensland in this competition and I’m really looking forward to playing some hard and competitive water polo and making my team proud" said Emily. "Having my sister in the team is great because we know how each other plays, but it’s also makes me more competitive".

Best of luck girls and make Cairns proud!


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