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Aussie Olympian brings water polo to Cairns’ Tobruk Memorial Pool

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

AN OLYMPIC champion has made a splash in Cairns in an introduction to the city’s best summer sport.

Mel Rippon spent yesterday in the pool with keen water polo players ahead of her second come-and-try session at Tobruk Memorial Pool today.

Water Polo Cairns director Jesse O’Hara said it was a fun way to get Far Northerners involved in a cool sport.

“Mel is a head coach for a national team at the moment,” he said.

“She’s been running intro sessions with ball skills, practising passing and really catering for all abilities.”

He said it was the perfect sport for anyone in Cairns to get involved with.

“The only thing you need is swimming ability,” he said.

“It’s a low-impact sport that’s easy on your joints and it’s a fun team sport.”

Anyone interested in getting involved with today’s session can visit the Cairns Water Polo Facebook page for details.


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