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Humans of Cairns Water Polo | Kevin Riddick

Who's who in the zoo? We would like to feature super volunteer and cracking outside shot, Kevin Riddick, in our first Cairns Water Polo member profile. Kevin and his family are valued supporters of the club and this is a perfect opportunity to learn a little bit more about the great man himself.

  • Hometown: Grafton (NSW)

  • Role: Player and outside shooter

  • Nickname: "Rednut"

Former Australian athletics representative in our midst
  • Movie most likely to star in: The Green Mile

  • Favorite musician and/or band: Slim Dusty or Live

  • Most memorable sporting event: Watching the Wallabies beat the British Irish Lions

Kev on the burst
  • Sporting background: We are among sporting greatness. Kev have a storied history in team sports, competing in AFL, league, union and water polo. Impressively, Kev has tasted extreme success at an individual level as well. As a young man, Kev was a member of both the Australian and New South Wales Institute of sport and represented NSW and Australia in Athletics!

  • Ideal weekend away: Having spent the last 20 years travelling and driving, Kev is happy to spend a weekend at home in the shed!

  • Little known fact: Kev once turned down a full ride athletics scholarship to a Canadian university.


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